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Moving library

Home libraryMoving libraries do not happen very often, but they are a big challenge. The secret of the library removals lies in the packaging and planning. So with detailed planning and careful packing your books, you already have half the battle. You can achieve that easily by hiring one of Gloucester removal companies or in case of smaller home libraries you can think about Gloucester man and van firm and it’s always worth to compare different moving options to find professional and cheap removals.  Before moving the library, make sure that all the books are properly cataloged. If not, please do so as soon as possible, so that after moving the library we can easily see if anything is missing. Information about the date of moving the library and the new address should be posted well in advance and also all persons renting a book should be notified about the new location. When planning library relocation, you  should consider how the bookshelves will be arranged in the new location. The preparation of such a plan greatly facilitate process of unpacking books.

Packing books

Box full of booksMoving the library consists mainly of transporting books. Books should be packed in boxes, which should be additionally secured with adhesive tape from the bottom to make them more durable. Books should be packed in accordance with the layout of which they are arranged on the shelves. We will facilitate the task if we label all shelves before moving library, and then we will describe on the boxes what books are inside and on which shelf should be placed when unpacking. Size of boxes should be adjusted to the load placed inside. Boxes for books must be strong and not too big. Too heavy cartons may cause considerable difficulties when moving them by Cirencester removals company employees. Not everyone is aware of the fact that books are heavy objects. Normally we carry a small number of books, so they seem to be lightweight. However, if you pack them into large cardboard - you will quickly find that the box weighs a few pounds - especially if we pack our entire collection of encyclopedias. Under no circumstances you  shouldn’t pack the books in plastic bags.

Transporting books

As the books are quite heavy so for the transport moving company usually use a special moving trolleys. If you hire professional and experienced Gloucestershire removal company you can expect they will also use special vehicles with tail lifts. This way moving library can be done much quicker. Please note that the books are very sensitive to moisture. So if moving the library takes place in the winter or in wet weather, protect the boxes from moisture. After moving the library you should again check the books and compliance with the directory. That way you can be certain that nothing is missing or has not been damaged during the move.

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