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How to transport a table or desk

DeskTable and desk are two main furniture in offices and in homes. No matter whether it is your office desk or a dining table, the furniture must be prepared before moving it. Both are usually wooden and are susceptible to scratches, if they are not properly transported. Each table and desk is different, so it is important to predict the difficulties that we may encounter during transportation.


Finding furniture removal company

It is important to provide some basic information about your furniture to potential Gloucester removal companies. You may be asked the following questions:  

  • What are its dimensions?
  • What is it made of?
  • Can it be dismantled?

If you are using our online form it is easy to include these details in additional details box and give potential carriers as much information as possible.

If you hire Gloucester man and van firm, make sure that the driver will not work on his own. When transporting various kinds of furniture, it usually requires at least two people team. If you enquiry for moving prices, you can specify the dimensions of dismantled table or desk. This may result in obtaining a much lower offers! Sometimes it is always good to seek for moving firm in surrounding areas. Even if you live in Gloucester, it may be that Cheltenham removals firm may offer you better price.

Difficulties when moving desk or table

Two man and van teamMost difficult, when moving a table or desk, is actually getting it out to the van. For this work it will be needed probably a few people team to help in lifting and carrying. If furniture is particularly heavy, there may be needed a larger team or special tools, such as moving trolley  or special lift. In many cases, the tables have folded legs. This at once makes the transportation becomes much easier and reduces space required during transport. In other case, it may require dismantling for safe and cheaper removals.

If your desk or table top is made of glass you will need to send it separately. It can be transported in the same vehicle, but cannot  be packaged together. Glass should be always wrapped in blankets, bubble wrap and the outer edges secured with tape, to make sure that the glass will not fall out.

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