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How to find professional and cheap removals - not the cheapest offer

We suggest you to not focus on the cheapest price as the most important factor when searching for removal companies! Unfortunately, sometimes the low price of the service could mean a low level of service as well. Choosing a company should not only be guided by the lowest price, but also by the professionalism and high level of service.

Search on internetYou can assess the quality of services by the collecting experiences and opinions of people or friends who have had the opportunity to use the services of a particular removal company. They can recommend or advise against a particular contractor. However, if you are not able to get such opinions from people you know, you should try to find some reviews on the Internet . By looking at the movers website you are able to estimate their degree of professionalism. First of all check if removal company has any references listed on its web page, it can give you a picture of who you are dealing with. You should pay attention if references are up to date. Outdated opinions about removal services may not agree with the actual quality level.

So what are the key factors for choosing the best moving company?

  • experience,
  • services range,
  • high quality,
  • insurance,
  • costs,

How to ensure the high quality and efficient removal service? What should we expect?

Lowest price should not be the most important factor

A common practice of trying to find the cheapest moving services is to send quotation requests with a brief description of removal requirements to a dozen removal companies at the same time. Better results can be achieved with an initial pre-selection of a few companies (three to five) and then contacting them directly asking for their prices and services. This way you can save some time but you can save even more by use the online comparison sites and fill out one form to receive removal quotes from reliable companies.

best-priceDuring the negotiations instead of trying to reduce the price to a minimum it may better option to try to extend the scope of services under fixed price. Thus you can achieve greater benefits and still maintain a high level of service. If your goal is to get the lowest possible prices, the company may agree to reduce the moving costs but also range of services or slightly lower removals quality.

Companies are competing against each other but despite that, they prices do not differ so much. The structure and organization of professional moving companies are very similar as well as their expenses. Price negotiating area is very narrow and in the case of house removals very small and sometimes almost non-existent.

Questions you can ask removal company

  • How long does it take to accomplish relocation?
  • What is the fixed price?
  • Are you available on my preferred moving date?
  • Do you offer packing and unpacking services? Is it included in removal costs?
  • Can you disassembly and re-assembly furniture?
  • Is your company fully insured?
  • Do you offer door to door shipping? (in case of international removals)
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